Minerals in transmited light.


The thin section made in our labolatory, obserwation taken with Delta Optical POL-1000-TRF photos taken with UCMOS 3,2 MP PRO.  

Grnite from Strzegom massif in SW Poland.

biotite with small zircon mineral incluzion see the ractive dark rim surranding the zircon,

same picture in crossed nicols biotite
Biotite almost all replaced by chlorite biotite replaced by chlorite
the same picture in crossed nicols biotite in crossed nicols
Biotite with weak replacement of chlorite biotite
The same picture in corred nicols thin section
Green hornblende also see the stron sericitization of plagioclase minerals sourranding the hornblende. green horblende
The same picture in corssed nicols. thin section
Green hronblende with weak replacement by chlorite green hornblende
Crossed nicols. thin section
Plagioclase with srtong sericitisation. plagioclase strongly sericitised
The same in crossed nicols. thin section