As a Polish company we have many regular customers on Polish territory, mainly including research centers in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice, Czestochowa, and also we cooperate with the countries of the European Union. Monthly we are exporting hundreds of thin sections to scientific institutions in EU. In addition to orders for the preparation of thin sections, we have great experience in the work with transmitted light and reflected light also using SEM and EPMA.


Galery I - transmited light

Galery II - reflected light

Galery III - SEM Jeol 6800 LA

Galery IV - EPMA Cameca SX 100


Observations in reflected light are dedicated for ore minerals, in transmited light observations are dedicated for main and accesoric rock minerals recognising. Also blue dye are common used to mesure the porosity of rock material. This two methods are the most chip for geological research.

Very helpfull method is SEM (scanning electron microscope) with EDS (energy dispersive spectrometer). Easy recognise the chemical composition and main textures ans structures of minerals using BSE (back scatted electron).